Ackworth TTC offers free annual membership, but requires people to register so that we have their full contact details.

Membership includes opportunities to:

- Play local league.

- Play National Cadet or Junior League.

- Attend our coaching sessions.

- Attend any social nights.

- Become part of the committee.


In order to become a member of Ackworth TTC, you will also need to be a member of Table Tennis England. If you already have a membership with TTE, then you can use that number. They have three types of membership:

Associate Membership – free, if not playing competitions or any local league.

Player Membership – £8 – if playing local league, NCL/NJL or 1* tournaments.

Player Licence – £18– if as above plus two or more 2* tournaments.


When you select a membership, it will ask you to sign in with your TTE membership or you can register if you haven’t already got a membership number.


As part of signing up to be a member of Ackworth TTC, you are therefore agreeing to the following points:

- Follow the clubs codes of conducts.*

-  Follow the clubs values.*

- E-mails and text being sent to you from the committe and/or coaches.**

- Photos being taken and placed on social media.**

*Still to be formally written and agreed by the committee. They will be on the policies page on the website when this has been done.

**These are optional, and should you wish to opt out, please let Chris or Dan know on the committee.