2019 Club tournament




This year’s club tournament took place on Sunday 15th September.  For the first time we were able to ask people to make their entries online which meant that Jo could plan the events beforehand as she knew how many people would be taking part!  The prize giving took place at the end of the tournament when all the club’s trophies were presented. 

Chairman’s Choice shield – This was awarded to Grace Newman who has been a club member for many years and regularly takes part in tournaments outside of the club especially those to do with organ transplant and donation.  At this year’s World Transplant Games she won a Gold Medal in the Ladies doubles and a Silver Medal in the Ladies Singles.

Most Improved Player – This year’s recipient was one of our older ladies - Olive Naylor!  Over this last season she has improved immeasurably and was instrumental in assisting one of our youngest teams to compete in the Leamington 2-aside league.

Cadet of the Year - Ollie Ferguson was awarded this shield.  He has improved greatly over this last year and started to compete in outside tournaments other than those at Lillington.  He has earned his move from the Beginner/Intermediate coaching sessions to the Advanced coaching group but continues to participate in the early sessions by feeding the ball to the participants to help them get the maximum from their session.

Junior of the Year – Callum Ball. 

Tournament results

Doubles – You couldn’t enter this beforehand as partners were drawn out of a hat for this event!  Final winners were Ryan and Kal.

One-point Shoot-out – The surprise winner of this event was Tomas Jacko who has recently returned to the club as a member.

Consolation Plate – This was also won by Tomas on count-back as he, Jo and Daryl each had four wins. Tomas had a very successful day!!

Men’s Championship – Adrian won this after a hard fought 5 set match with Ryan.  It was an excellent match for us all to watch as our two coaches each demonstrated how shots should be made and matches won!  Well done to both of them.  This match can be seen on the Videos page!

Ladies Championship – The Ladies final was between Jo and Grace with Jo being the winner on this occasion after a close match.

Junior Championship – This turned out to be a family affair with brothers Matthew and Dan Burgess playing in the final.  On this occasion Matthew was the winner in four sets.

Cadet Championship – Matthew had a very busy afternoon as he was also in the final of the Cadet event.  Ollie was the other Cadet in this final and it was quite a scrap with Matthew finally taking the victory after a hard fought five set match!  Again well done to both players for some entertaining table tennis.