Club sessions resume

Looking at our survey results , it was decided that we would operate a 'Pay and Play' members only system for now which can be reviewed as the situation changes. The committee worked with the Hill Street Community Centre to make sure that both parties understood the restrictions imposed by both the Community Centre and TTE and they have welcomed our club back.  

We have now been back for two weeks and it seems to be working well.  We look forward to seeing even more people coming back.  If you haven't yet, book through the Club Sessions page but, please remember to  book as a Non-Member for now.  Booking as a member is reserved for those very few who paid their annual subscription in full at the beginning of last season!

Earlier this month Table Tennis England ran a club survey to find out how clubs were faring since July 25th and found that  fewer than half of table tennis clubs have been able to return to play since indoor sport resumed on July 25 – and lack of access to venues is the main problem for those which have not (read the artcle and see what clubs are saying).   We are so lucky that our club has had the opportunity to restart when so many others haven't.

TTE now moving into Stage 3 – preparing for localised competition.

Following the successful re-opening of indoor sports facilities on Saturday 25th July, Table Tennis England is moving into Stage 3 of their return to play roadmap – with a target date of September 1st to resume local league competition.

That opens the way for Stage 4 – local competition resumption – on September 1st, with social distancing and hygiene restrictions continuing to be in place.   Read the full article here.

However, it is vitally important that when activity is resumed, it does not compromise the health and safety of individuals or communities.