TTE Young Ambassadors Programme

People in the United Kingdom have a long standing tradition of offering help to others and not expecting payment in return. In 2012 London staged one of the most successful Olympic and Paralympic Games of all time. A major feature of the games was the `army of unpaid volunteers` who checked bags, served food, helped direct spectators and generally supported the public. Many of the volunteers spoke after the games of the great sense of pride they felt as they became part of a team dedicated to helping others. The spirit of volunteering is still strong and Table Tennis England`s Young Ambassador Programme is our sport`s contribution.

To join the programme  you must be aged between 14 and 25.  A mentor is able to assist your development with a series of incentives available as the appropriate number of volunteering hours are reached. There is also an official certification of programme members achievements which serves as a formal record. The role of a Young Ambassador is to support the club and its members. This support could be, cleaning and maintaining equipment, taking photographs or videos and uploading them to the website, assisting in a coaching session, undertaking umpiring or any activity that is beneficial to the club. It is an excellent opportunity to increase your involvement at the club and volunteers have spoken, in the past, of how they have used their experiences when completing application forms or how the activities have become talking points at interviews. We currently have one club member on the programme and once we can return to un-restricted playing are keen to offer positions to others. If you feel this programme may be right for you please don`t hesitate to contact me for more information.

The Table Tennis England website also has a detailed description of the programme and a number of accounts provided by participants (TTE Young Ambassadors). Then once you have had time to consider what the programme has to offer you can make your decision. I first started playing table tennis over 50 years ago and it has brought me many pleasures not least of which has been the opportunity to help others get enjoyment from the game.