Club Sessions 2020 - Members only

We're sure everyone will appreciate that, during the current situation, we are constrained by guidelines issued by the Government, Table Tennis England and Hill Street Community Centre. 

In order to abide by these guidelines, we must introduce strict session timings (to allow for cleaning of equipment, etc.) and also limit the number of available tables and players.

Please note:  These sessions are only open to those people who were 2019 - 2020 club members. 

Unfortunately Adrian has rung today (24th September) to say that he isn't well.   He has no Covid symptoms and has spoken to his doctor who confirmed that he has a head cold.   In order to facilitate his recovery and to ensure that he does not pass the cold on, he will not be able to be at Club on Sunday.   In view of this we have reluctantly decided to cancel all sessions on Sunday 27th September but you can now book for the first two weeks in October.

We've found 10 courses