Oxford League 2-A-Side Higher Division

This season, ODTTA is testing a new 2AS Higher Division (2ASH) which will run alongside the current 2AS Development league and the 3AS league. 

2ASH Key Features:

  • Matches will consist of four singles and one doubles
  • All matches to be played at the central venue of Cheney School Headington OX3 7QH on Wednesday evenings between 19.30– 21.30
  • Club secretaries should confirm teams with Oxford League Match Secretary Justin Roake by 30 September, with  names of at  least two players 
  • Players  without a club, or whose club is not putting a  2ASH team in, should contact Anne Borrowdale to ask about joining a different team by 9 October 
  • Fixtures start October 16
  • To ensure a reasonable level of competition, 2ASH is restricted to league-standard players
  • 2ASH players may also play in the Oxford 3AS league or other district leagues


  • Cost will be £5 per team per match
  • To encourage clubs to take part, 2ASH team affiliation fees to OTTA (£4) and ODTTA (£2) will be paid by the Oxford League Development Fund
  • Players only pay ODTTA player affiliation fees once (£6 senior, £3 junior)

Further information

  • The Division will have a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 teams, playing each other twice
  • Teams must be attached to clubs which are registered with the Oxford or other district leagues, and must have sufficient team members to ensure they can fulfil all their fixtures
  • Substitutes are allowed, providing they are Table Tennis England player members, registered with the Oxford  TT League (or other district league) and have not played for any other 2ASH team. 
  • Oxford Community Club will host a team night on Wed Oct 9th at Cheney School  to introduce the format  and for potential new players to join a team
  • 2ASH will use TT League Manager to organise fixtures and publish results
  • The winning and runner-up teams in the 2ASH will receive trophies
  • 3* balls will be provided
  • All players must have Player Membership of Table Tennis England
  • Clubs are required to pay match fees in advance in full on registration, by BACS or contactless card. This will be collected by Oxford Community Table Tennis Club who pay for the venue.