Club rules

CLUB RULES to be read alongside our OCTTC  COVID19 RETURN TO PLAY SAFETY PROCEDURES.v3 (downloadable pdf) which take precedence over these general rules


•    The venues we play at belong to Grace Church Temple Cowley and Cheney School, so please treat their property and people with respect 
•    Car parking is free, but spaces cannot be guaranteed. See our Contact page for further information on parking and transport. Cycle racks are available at Cheney School. OCTTC does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to bicycles, vehicles or valuables left in vehicles while on the premises
•    There is no secure storage for personal property at our venues, so keep an eye on your belongings. OCTTC is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property while on the premises. 
•    Training or soft-soled shoes and suitable clothing should be worn at all times. 
•    Ensure coats and bags are kept away from the playing area and do not cause an obstruction or tripping hazard 
•    Drinks bottles are allowed in the playing area provided they have secure lids
•    Follow the instructions given by the session supervisor, to enable the smooth running of the session
•    Register and pay at the start of each session you attend. 
•    All players must complete a player registration form and health declaration on your first visit to the club. 
•    Players at all-age sessions who are aged under-16 must be accompanied by an adult. This requirement may be waived for under-16s who are club members with prior agreement between their parent/carer and the session supervisor
•    Except where you have booked a table for your own use for a set period of time, be aware of others waiting to play and give them a turn
•    At Shared Tables sessions, be prepared to play people of different standards
•    Return club equipment to storage after use. If putting tables up or down, ensure this is done by two people to avoid damage to tables or yourself.  
•    Report any damage to equipment or the venue to the session supervisor or a committee member as soon as possible
•    Any member who repeatedly disregards OCTTC rules will have his/her membership terminated without refund.  
•    These rules are subject to change or may be modified or expanded as deemed necessary by the committee

Table Tennis England expects that everyone involved with table tennis will: 
•    respect the rights, dignity and worth of anyone they meet within our sport; 
•    treat everyone equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation; 
•    accept it is all of our responsibility to challenge any injustice that may occur within our sport; 
•    accept that everyone has the right to be protected from abuse.