COVID19 Protocols


OCTTC has eased many coronavirus restrictions, while keeping some precautions for the safety of all our players and supervisors, and/or at the request of our venue.
•    We will have four tables, separated with barriers
•    You no longer need to pre-book your session. 
•    There is no limit on numbers at each session (subject to review)

1.    Stay 1m apart at all times 
2.    Wear a face covering and sanitise hands on entry 
3.    Enter by the side doors and check in/pay the supervisor at the registration desk before you play. You will be asked a few questions to check you are OK to come in. 
Do not attend if you are feeling unwell, have tested positive for coronavirus, have been told to self-isolate, or have been in contact with anyone who has coronavirus.
4.    Pay by contactless card if possible. Cash will be accepted but is a nuisance to process!
5.    Use the public toilets by the front door only
6.    During play: 
•    No balls in pockets
•    Don’t breathe on your bat to warm or clean it, or breathe on the ball.
•    Use a towel to remove sweat. Don’t wipe hands on the tables, walls or any other surfaces.
•    No hand-shakes, elbow tapping, or any other type of contact.
•    Use clean tissues if coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose, and sanitise hands afterwards. 
7.    Doubles is allowed at the discretion of the supervisor.  Government guidance is to limit close contact with others you do not live with. As doubles involves close contact, this is at your own risk.  
8.    Stop as soon as FoH calls time at the end of your 55 minute session, to allow for the changeover. You may finish a point, but not a game. 
9.    Leave promptly, staying 1m apart.
10.    You may play again at the discretion of the supervisor, provided you check in again and pay  at the registration desk before continuing 
11.    If you or any of your contacts/household test positive for coronavirus in the 14 days following your session, inform the club secretary immediately. We will pass your contact details to the government Track and Trace service.