COVID19 Protocols


OCTTC has drawn up this list of procedures to keep all our players and our communities as safe as possible. They are based on Government regulations, Table Tennis England guidelines, and requirements at our venue, and are subject to amendment as their advice changes.

Everyone entering our venue must comply with these procedures, or they will not be allowed to play.

a)    You must have pre-booked and prepaid online for your session, if possible by 8pm the night before. No entry without pre-booking, even if there is spare capacity. If you cannot pay online, pay at the session by card. We cannot process cash. 
b)    If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or you or any of your household are self-isolating, you must stay at home and not use our facilities. 
c)    If you cannot attend your pre-booked session, notify the club secretary asap 07729 999958 or If you have booked for other players, tell the secretary of any change of name. Only those whose names are on the session register will be allowed in. 
d)    Recommended items to bring with you (and take away afterwards):
   o    Hand sanitiser (some available at the venue, but ideally bring your own)
   o    Water bottle 
   o    Tissues and bag for disposal
   o    Your bat, named or marked for identification (clean bats will be available for loan if needed) 
e)    Arrive in your playing clothes, only outer wear and shoes may be changed at the venue.

a)    Arrive no more than 10 mins before your session begins. Wait outside 2m apart from others until Front of House (FoH) invites you in. 
b)    If you come by bicycle, use racks outside the church or library. You cannot bring it into the venue.
c)    Observe our one-way system, by entering at the side doors and leaving by the front door. 
d)    Face coverings are required on entry to the venue and when not playing. There is an exemption “if you are undertaking exercise or an activity and it would negatively impact your ability to do so”. This will apply if you have just played and are recovering, but you should wear one at other times.
e)    Stay 2m apart at all times. 
f)    Use hand sanitiser before entering the venue. Avoid touching any surfaces on your way in. 
g)    Sign in at the registration desk where FoH will ask a few questions to check you are OK to come in. FoH is responsible for ensuring everyone follows the requirements, so please do what they say. 
h)    Go straight to your allocated court and put your bag on the floor, not on a chair. Change shoes/remove outer wear within your court. Keep all personal items (outer wear, bottles etc) in your bag, with the bag closed to prevent balls going in.
i)    A non-playing parent accompanying a junior must wear a face-covering and stay on their allocated chair outside the court. Playing parents: see the rules on bubbles*. 
j)    Do not use the kitchen or the toilets by the front entrance as these are for church use only. There is a toilet in the vestry (where tables are stored) for essential use only. 
k)    Do not touch the blue chairs. Wooden chairs are allocated for waiting players, parents and FoH only. 

a)    Maintain good hygiene:
   o    Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before, during and after the session. 
   o    Don’t breathe on your bat to warm or clean it, or breathe on the ball.
   o    Use a towel to remove sweat. Don’t wipe hands on the tables, walls or any other surfaces.
   o    No hand-shakes, elbow tapping, or any other type of contact.
   o    Use clean tissues if coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose, and sanitise hands afterwards. 
   o    Avoid touching surfaces e.g. church furniture, nets, court surrounds, wherever possible. If you do touch these, wipe down with soap spray and paper towels only (provided).
   o    When changing ends, wipe down the edges of the table with soap spray and paper towel. 
b)    Singles only, no doubles. 
c)    Play with one other person only during the session, as shown on the signing-in register, 2 players per court. Strictly no mixing with players on other tables.  
d)    Stay in your court if you take a break, staying 2m apart from your playing partner.
e)    Take it easy if you have not played/exercised for weeks, build up to higher intensity. 
f)    Use one ball per court and clean regularly with soap spray only. Use the sanitised club balls only, do not bring your own. FoH will supply 3* balls on request. Do not put balls in your pocket!
g)    If a ball strays into your court, do not pick it up. Hit it back or use a picker-upper (one per court provided). Do not leave your court to retrieve a ball. Spare balls are provided for use if a ball goes under furniture. 

a)    Stop as soon as FoH calls time at the end of your 50 minute session, to allow for cleaning and a minimum 10 min gap between sessions. You may finish a point, but not a game. 
b)    If asked by FoH, wipe down tables, chairs and touched surfaces on your court. Otherwise, leave the court promptly, wear your face covering, and exit by the front doors, staying 2m apart.
c)    Take home everything you brought with you.
d)    Leave the venue promptly and avoid socialising or lingering in the car park. 
e)    If there is a spare table for the next session, you and your partner may be able to play again provided you book and pay online or with contactless card and sign in with FoH at the registration desk before continuing. You cannot play with anyone else on the same day.
f)    If you or any of your contacts/household test positive for coronavirus in the 14 days following your session, tell the club secretary 07729 999958 or immediately. We will pass your contact details to the government Track and Trace service.
g)    Report breaches of these guidelines to FoH or the club secretary in the first instance. Serious concerns which are not addressed within the club should be directed to John Duncalfe (Chair, Oxford league) 

If you have any questions or issues, ask FoH at a session or contact the club secretary. We’re open to any ideas for improving how we manage sessions, as long as it can be done within the requirements.

v.3 (Tier 2) 2nd DECEMBER 2020