Table Booking Rules

By making a Table Booking you agree to the following and the Hygiene Controls in place:

  • NO member will be allowed to play on a table unless they have booked a table.

  • Member is restricted to one booking per day and can book 5 days in advance.  Each Booking must have the member's name added to the "main contact" field.  Bookings may be rejected if this field is not completed.

  • When making a booking, you must have a playing partner arranged. Only 1 booking is required for you and your partner.

  • When booking a table, please try and book sessions adjacent to  booked sessions and that the next session available can be booked for at least one hour.  This will ensure that there are more slots available for members.

  • Each booking period is 30 minutes and a maximum of 3 consecutive periods can be booked i.e. a session of upto 90 minutes. When booking, please do not leave a 30 minute gap between your booking  and the previous (60 & 90 minute gaps only).  Your booking maybe changed by the administrator if this happens.

  • Failing to attend a booked session or cancelling with less than 24 hours’ notice may result in losing the right to book tables in advance.

  • A member can only play in one booked session per day even if he did not make the booking.  A register will kept of all players who visit the club.

  • A member cannot book on behalf of another member.  Member must be playing at booked session.

  • Members must obey all guidelines when inside the club and exit when session is complete via the fire exits.  

  • A Hygience Controller has been appointed and will be present in all sessions.  Ajay Naik has been appointed for all times excluding the Tue, Wed & Friday morning sessions, where the session co-ordinator will  the hygiene controller.  

  • The Hygiene Controller may ask you to move to a different table in order to ensure Hygiene Controls are enforced for the safety of club members.

  • Table 1  (additional table) taking the total to 5 tables may be setup  during busy periods/fully booked and a 5th table is required.

  • No booking is required for the Morning Clubs (Tue, Wed, Friday).  Please contact Roger Prithchard directly to register for morning clubs.

  • Please contact ANUP CHOPRA if you wish to attend the Breakfast clubs that are run on Wednesday-Friday  from 6.30am to 8am


Any issues with bookings please contact Roger Pritchard or Raj Patel.