Senior British League

The Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club runs a number of teams in the Senior British League and has had considerable success over the last 10 years. The Club provides the opportunity for Senior players (Men and Women) of the appropriate standard to compete in this prestigious event and also provides places in team for players from other Clubs around the country to play at the right standard based on their National Senior ranking.

The competition is held over a number of weekends during the season with 6 teams in each division and 6 sets played against each team. The Club fielded only one team for a number of years but now has expanded its number of teams after joining forces with Nottingham Club - Elgre. The Club also selects its most talented Junior players to also play in this event giving them valuable competition against senior opposition

Teams - Season 2019 /2020

Draycott 1  (Div. Championship)
Mark Green
Sam Bailey
Connor Green
Luc Miller
David Arrowsmith

Draycott 2  (Div. National B1) 
Adam Feargrieve
Emma Vickers
Rhys Davies
Oliver Williamson
Jody Bevington
 Navinder Matharu

Draycott 3   (Div. National B2)
Ben Willson
Ryan Lines
Kate Hughes
Mike Browne