Coaching Team

The Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club has a strong team of Table Tennis England qualified coaches organised by Head Coach Phil Vickers

Draycott Coaching Team:

Head Coach   Phil Vickers  UKCC Level 3 & ETTA Level 4   
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Jon Bayliss                         UKCC Level 2 & ETTA Level 3          
Paul Jennings                   UKCC Level 2  & ETTA Level 2                                          
Inta Zdanovska               UKCC Level 2
Jo Green                              UKCC Level 2
Tim Bridle                           UKCC Level 2
Mark Green                       UKCC Level 2

Ivor Warner                      UKCC Level 2
Zia Kashefi                         UKCC Level 1
Phil Coker                           UKCC Level 1  
Amy Humphreys             UKCCL Level 1
Naphat Boonyaprapa  UKCC Level 1


Head Coach - Phil Vickers (UKCC Level 3)

I am the Club’s Coaching and Development Officer and Head coach at the Draycott. I first qualified in 1978 and rose to ETTA Level 4 status by 1982 and in 2011 I became the first coach in the East Midlands to gain the new UKCC Level 3 Coaching Award.
I was the assistant coach at the East Midlands regular Wednesday night Regional squad training, held at Bingham Leisure Centre for almost 10 years and have coached on many weekend Regional training camps working with a number of experienced top England coaches.
I then worked 1 -1 with a player for five years who became England No.1 Junior and National Junior Champion and then in April1999 I joined the Long Eaton Table Tennis Club when it relocated to Draycott. I have since then coached a number of players to achieve the highest levels in the game.
In 2006 I was awarded the ETTA National Volunteer of the Year and 2011 I was awarded the Derbyshire SportsAwards “Coach of the Year Award” (for all sports)

I also coached my own daughter Emma Vickers who became National Junior Champion,  Junior Master Champion, UK School Games Champion, 4x National Schools Champions and 3x National Under 21 Champion and reached a high of No.3 in the National Senior Rankings and represented England at Cadet,  Junior, U/21  & Senior Level.

Many other squad players have also become National Champions at U/10, U/11, U/12 & U/13, U/14, Cadet & Junior level 

My coaching philosophy is set as follows:

To help teach players to improve and develop their technique then add the tactics carries a great responsibility and hopefully bring success takes me back to my own early days spent in the training hall trying to emulate my hero – the 1971 World Champion “Stellan Bengtsson”.
It is also about helping players to achieve their dream by setting goals carried out in an positive manner. It is also important to involve everyone in the training process including the player, team mates, parents and other coaches to ensure the player’s full potential is reached but mindful that players will have for different aspirations.
My approach to coaching has always been to adopt an autocratic style using demonstrations with verbal description to ‘nail’ the technique required but also incorporate a more democratic approach to involve the players and gain more feedback to give a better learning experience for my squad
I try to create an atmosphere where the players feel at ease, have some fun but also are expected to work hard to make an improvement in their game and teach the players to take responsibility for their own game so that they can be empowered to continue to develop their abilities whilst also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Finally it is important to instil some discipline, dedication, a determination to succeed and some personal pride that the player can ultimately take with them throughout their life.


Blade: Butterfly Viscaria 
Rubbers : FH Tenergy 05  BH Tenergy 05


Phil has been a qualified coach for 40 years and in 2011 became the first coach in the East Midlands to achieve UKCC Level 3 status. After 10 years coaching at the East Midlands Regional Training sessions he joined the Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club in April 1999.
Between 2003 and 2006 Phil was instrumental as the Clubs Coaching and Development Officer in re-developing the facilities and was awarded the ETTA “Volunteer of the Year” Award in 2006 for his efforts.

The new facilities were opened in November 2006 and Phil was appointed Head Coach and then developed the Draycott Junior squad from a mere half a dozen junior to the now squad of about 60.

Phil still works full -time running his Hardware Shop but also puts in about 25 hour per week into the Draycott Club. In 2010 and 2012 the Club was the Derbyshire Sports Awards “Club of the Year” and Phil was “Coach of the Year” in 2011.

Phil also coached his own daughter Emma who achieved England No. 1 from U/11 to U/21 and was National Junior Champion and 3x National U/21 Champion.

Phil has coached numerous players to achieve County and Regional honours and over 30 players that have represented England or England Schools and his current Draycott Junior Squad now boasts 15 players ranked in the top 10 for age in the country with several of them winning National Titles.


Jon Bayliss

Blade:  Butterfly Timo Boll ALC
Rubbers: FH Tenergy 05   BH  Tenergy 80FX

Jon and his father Roy started working in local Community Centre’s and Schools and founded the Long Eaton Table Tennis Club in 1986 which was eventually recognised as an affiliated Club in 1989.
The Club grew in strength but then relocated to the Old Boxing Gym in Draycott in 1989 and the decision was made to change its name to reflect its new location.

Some 30 years later the Club has gained a reputation as one of the leading Clubs in the country and Jon’s 30 years coaching  as an ETTA Level 3 has seen him produce dozens of County and Regional players and a fair number of players that have gained International honours.

Jon has recently retired and has been able to put more hours into coaching working with players of all ages - his youngest being 5 years old and the oldest is 83 years young. Jon is also now even coaching the children of some of the players that he taught to play the game when they were Juniors.
 Jon is regularly seen on the tournament circuit locking horns with the country’s other leading coaches and he strives hard to see his squad of players to achieve honours not only at home but also abroad.

Jon has been instrumental in the development of both Naphat & Poww Boonyaprapa 


Paul Jennings

Blade:  Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC
Rubbers: FH Tenergy 05FX   BH  Tenergy 80

Paul has been a qualified coach since 1999. He is a UK CC L2 Coach and ETTA L2 Coach and was Erewash Coach of the Year in 2013. Paul is also the Club’s Treasurer and puts over a thousand hours' work into the Club each year.  Paul played in the Derby League and Potteries League premier divisions, Midland League and Veteran's British League but has now given up competitive play to concentrate on coaching.

Although he works with all of the Junior Squad his main focus is with the Club's Intermediate squad of 15-20 players who represent the Club in National Cadet and National Junior League and is regularly seen cornering on the tournament scene. He also works 1-2-1 with some of the Club’s top 9 & 10 year olds giving them a solid grounding in the basic techniques


Jo Green

Blade: Butterfly Viscaria 
Rubbers : FH Tenergy 05  BH Tenergy 05

Jo is a Level 2 coach and also a qualified umpire and is married to a table tennis player and has three children that have all represented England and England Schools. 
Jo puts in 25 hours per week at the Club working initially with our 4-2-7 squad which are the youngest 4 to 7 year players we have at Draycott and also works with our Advanced and Excellence squads that compete at both home and abroad. She also runs a number of 1-2-1 sessions plus organises the competition schedule for her own three children and is regularly seen at tournaments all over the country.

Jo Green is a Science Technician working at Nottingham University and still competes in the local league and has been a Nottingham League committee member for many years. Jo is now also a member of the Table Tennis England Management Advisory Group (MAG).

Mark Green         


Zia Kashefi


Phil Coker


Amy Humphreys


Naphat Boonyaprapa


Ivor Warner