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We are PremierClub affiliated

We are a part of a national network of Table Tennis England affiliated PremierClubs; committed to improving player and volunteer experience and increasing participation.

Quick update:


We're still operating with Covid-19 restrictions: pre-booking, social distancing, face masks when not playing and table sanitising after use etc.  

Since lockdown, we've continued to add sessions to our Weekly Schedule and now have an additional bookable All Comers session every Friday evening from 8 till 10pm.

Furthermore, we've added the capability for Club members (those who have  trained in the club's special access procedures) to play on Saturday afternoons too, from 2 till 6pm.  

... Junior Coaching on two evenings, All Comers practice sessions on three evenings plus Saturday afternoons, Adult Coaching on Fridays and an Over 50s Club meeting every Thursday afternoon. 

We're also open on Mondays with competition for Premier and Division 1 players, see details HERE.

See our Weekly Schedule for details.

From our home at St Michael's in  Arboretum, we provide table tennis for players of all ages and abilities.

The club provides facilities for  practise and competition, 'All Comers' sessions, an Over 50s Club and coaching for both  juniors and adults. 

As an introduction , your first visit is FREE.  However, you will be required to:

  1.  REGISTER your details with the Club (necessary for NHS Track & Trace)
  2. JOIN with our FIRST VISIT FREE membership package
  3.  EMAIL US with the session (date and time) that you'd like to attend.

We aim to bring people together by making table tennis accessible to those who, previously, will have had few opportunities to play.

The club works with people of all ages, especially the young, to improve health, celebrate diversity and build a stronger community.

Why is Table Tennis so popular, why do we love this sport?

People of any age or physical ability can play – good ball control, determination and superior tactics often will outweigh the efforts of younger or fitter opponents.

It’s not expensive — you can buy a good starter bat for £20-£30.  At DCTTC we’ll provide bats and balls and our membership packages, dependent on how often you play, can work out at just over £1 a session ... all you need is a pair of indoor sports shoes or trainers.

It’s great for the body — it’s aerobic exercise that's been shown to boost reflexes, increase hand-eye coordination, improve balance and stimulate the brain.  Playing table tennis, the average person can burn 272 calories in an hour. It’s an excellent form of stress relief with increasing evidence that table tennis keeps both the body and brain healthy.

It’s a ‘classless’ sport — at DCTTC everyone’s a player, there’s no such thing as social status. No one cares about your background, the only thing that matters is your enjoyment of the sport.

It’s simple to play — a point is won if you hit the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side more often than your opponent. Players have two consecutive serves and the winner of a game is the first to 11 points or, if the score reaches 10-10, the game continues with alternate services until one player gains a two point lead.

… but it’s not necessarily easy to play well — the rules are simple but table tennis can be very fast (a ball can travel at over 70mph), very spinny (the world’s best players can make a ball spin at 9,000 rpm … that’s 150 rotations a second!), and very tactical with different equipment and playing styles. Good technique is important, so, for those wanting to improve, DCTTC have coaches on hand to help.

It can be humbling — there’s always a better player who can make you feel like a beginner.   However, at DCTTC respect is important to us; it's one of our core values - we respect our opponents, we don’t over-celebrate a win, we encourage each other and learn from stronger players.

Join our Club!

We're a new club bringing community based table tennis to Derby.

It's our intention to cater for every age and ability - from beginners or those just looking for sociable exercise, right through to performance players seeking to develop their competitive skills.

When we re-open in May, it's our intention to offer 'Junior Coaching', 'Adult Coaching', 'Adult Practice', Competition nights, an 'Over 50s Club' and 'All Comers' sessions. 

Join us as a Founder Member - we're offering introductory 'CLUB' MEMBERSHIP packages for Adults, Juniors (under 18 years) and Families with fees paid by monthly Direct Debit --> should you wish to end your membership at any time, it can be cancelled without notice. 

... we believe these packages offer the best value-for-money opportunities for organised sport available anywhere in Derby.

For occasional visitors, we offer  a  'Pay-as-you-Play' membership whereby visitors may pre-book to attend via email, then pay (in cash) on arrival.

How to find us

St Michael's Church Hall Dairyhouse Road DERBY DE23 8HP


Derby Community Table Tennis Club

St Michael's Church Hall
Dairyhouse Road
DE23 8HP

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