Crawley Community Table Tennis Club Member Registration

From March 2021, membership renewals and payments will all be handled via ClubSpark.  

Please read both Steps fully before registering. Both steps have to be completed to become a registered member and to book sessions


Step 1 - To Register with ClubSpark:

On the top right of the page, there is a Sign in and Register option

Option 1 – Sign in with TTE ID Number

  • DO NOT use this option if you are PARENT of a junior member BUT not a member yourself. (NON-MEMBER PARENT)
    • Non-MEMBER Parents, use Option 2. Do not sign in with your child's TTE ID also.
  • Every club member must have a TTE ID. ONLY Adult members (over 18) should use this option.  
  • If you have issues with your TTE ID, then please contact TTE. Alternatively follow option 2

Option 2 – Register a new account  

  • If registering a Junior member, this account must be created with the Parents/guardian's details.  DO NOT create an account under your child’s name.
  • Pls, register with your personal details, email, and password. We will register the junior member later (step 2)
  • You can also use this option if you cannot log in with your TTE ID.

Once the above is complete you have now successfully registered with Crawley Community ClubSpark however you will now need to become a member.

Step 2 – Becoming a Crawley Community TTC Member

Sign In from any page on ClubSpark  and Visit the Membership Page

If you are an adult member and your children are "members (under 11) then you must follow option 1 and Option 2

Option 1  - Members aged 18 and older must select the Adult Only Plan

  • Choose this plan even if the member is on a U21 membership.
  • Complete the details and click the button CONFIRM MEMBERSHIP. 
  • You are now a registered member and will be able to see the Session Booking Calendar.

Option 2 - Junior members aged 17 and under – Select Junior Plan

  • In Member details, choose new member child and register child and click button  CONFIRM MEMBERSHIP
  • Repeat process for all children who are members
  • You are now a registered member but will NOT be able to book. See section Junior Session Booking


Junior Session Booking

  • Parents to sign in with their clubspark login.
  • on the top right hand corner you will see your name,
  • Click on your name and click on your child's name.  
  • You can now book a session your child's name

Any issues with registration please contact