CCTTC: Junior Session | 11.MAY.21




A Message from the Club’s Junior Representative:
 With our junior section back up and running again for the first time in over a year, it is great to see how many of our existing young players have returned to action with a spring in their step, full of enthusiasm to get back on to the table. Combine this with the addition of exciting new players eager to give table tennis a try and the future really does look bright for our junior section, with reason for optimism when looking ahead to the upcoming seasons. Even in these past few weeks, the quality on show indicates clear progress from all. This promising early development can only be a sign of things to come, with the Club intent on providing a clear pathway for talented and committed juniors to excel at regional and national levels. As the newly appointed junior rep of the Club, I proudly take on the responsibility of being the voice of the juniors on the Committee, helping the junior section to flourish, both as a consistent producer of fresh young talent that will lead us to become more competitive, but also as a place where everyone can really engage and integrate themselves into our welcoming CCTTC community. Remember that having fun is key, and every Tuesday from 5pm - 7pm, we do that in abundance.  Tarkan Ates, Junior Representative